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Cable Television

I recently paid Rs. 210 to my cable television operator. I am not happy with the quality of the transmission. Most of the channels transmit digital signals and it is supposed to be better than the analog signals and quality of the output must have been better but it is not so at my place. I was not happy with that and I complained the same to my operator and he advised me to change the ten years old television. I was not happy with the suggestion. So I thought of changing the service provider. Continue reading


Is it good to buy house in slump?

How many of you have considered buying a house during slump? Not many. I would love to hit the deal but there is liquidity crunch and loans are not easily available. The rates of houses/apartments have not come down drastically as the media claims. It is just that at some places that the correction is happening and honestly I don’t see much of a difference from a common man’s view.

Before six months the rate of a 3-bedroom apartment near my home was close to Rs. 35 Lakh (excluding registration) and now it has come down to Rs. 30 Lakh. Still I think it is not a fair deal. Since there is heavy crunch in the market the builders are facing the music and they are not able to sustain themselves and if they don’t hold on to the prices then there are chances that they might be in trouble. Continue reading


Citi Group Cuts 50k Jobs!!!

It is really a very bad sign. Citi Group, U.S. fourth biggest bank by market value plans to eliminate 14% jobs or 50k jobs. Citi group has now around 352,000 employees in its pay roll. It has already eliminated around 23k jobs in this year alone by selling various business units and job cuts. It plans to just eliminate some more so that it can become profitable.

Expenses kept mounting and for the last four quarters it is totaled at 62 billion dollars. Now with the following moves it is expected to become around 50 billion dollars. Continue reading


Obama Vs McCain

Today the world knows the next U.S. President, its Barack Obama. I was not so very keen on following the US elections amidst the global financial meltdown. It was not of great interest to me. Today I happen to see the acceptance speech by Obama and the McCain’s final word of thanks to the supporters. Boy, this is what I love to see in India. I wish to see such an episode in my life happening in Indian Soil before I breathe my last.

Barack Obama wins the election and gives respect for the fellow American who was his opponent. Wow!!! Isn’t that wonderful? I loved it. I have not seen once also in Indian political arena such a thing. I have seen people take names and play games but not once like this. I was stunned seeing it. I don’t have words to express myself about the whole episode. It was such a kind gesture. Continue reading

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