Stock Market and Trading

Stock Market, these days there is so much volatility because of our own heroic engineers. 🙂 They all have money, they just pour in and take out based on their emotions. I was one of them, the moment I realized this I thought I should stop this for my own welfare.

Trading looks fun from outside but honestly it is quite a nightmare, it has had its own effects on me. Whenever the prices of stocks were higher than what I had bought that day I would be really happy and vice versa. The greed of wanting more and fear of losing drove me nuts for quite sometime. I was taking decisions emotionally and not logically or financially. This was my biggest mistake. I learnt the hard way not to take decisions emotionally. 😦

Stock Market as all know is a market place. Market has all variety of goods that the buyer needs. It is the buyer who decides the price of the goods. Of course there are regulations as to how to buy goods and all that, but in general the buyer is the Lord of the game. He decides what he wants to buy and also the price of it. It is not the seller who decides the price, the buyer decides the price.

Are we going to mint money at stock market? That is a tough question to answer. My answer is “No”. You can’t mint money but definitely you can make reasonable amount of money better than the bank interests. But to do that, you need discipline. This is my observation, to make money in Stock market one has to be disciplined. That’s it.

I will be writing more about Stock Market and all related stuff that is needed to be educated before getting into the Stock Market. Keep Visiting. Happy Investing.


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