Stock Market – Just Random

For all the engineer-investors out there, Stock Market is just Random. There are no rules or regulations that govern the price increase and decrease of Stocks. It is just random, none can predict exactly the variation of price of various Stocks, if he did so then I am sure he would be one of the millionaires by now. But that is not so, it is highly impossible to predict the outcome.

I have asked couple of my friends who are into investing in stocks whether they follow certain rules or not. Even they are not sure, how they make money in the stock market. But they do make money. More on that later.

I have watched many TV channels to gain knowledge about Stocks and Stock market and I have seriously followed many portals to ensure which stock to buy and when to buy. But honestly nothing worked as per the suggestions I got from them. This is my personal experience. I was following a portal and according to the highly sophisticated and educated financial investment managers and experts with decades of experience in the finance industry predicted that certain stock will appreciate by certain percentage. I thought they know everything and I know nothing and following their suggestion should provide me some profit. I bought the stocks that they suggested and as my bad luck was with me, the day I bought the price was appreciating, I was so happy and the next day onwards the price of the stock started falling and it fell to considerable level. :(. I waited for 6 months to break even and I did not bother about profit, I just wanted to sell it and recover the money. But the six months which I waited was a terrible time. Then I realized I am a fool to listen, since at the end of every article and program there was a disclaimer stating that they are not responsible for any financial decisions that is taken by individuals and the individual should consult the financial adviser for making financial decisions. I don’t understand if they are not so sure about it then why run portals and channels for guys like us. I seriously don’t understand anything. I realized then that Stock Market is just random. Things happen randomly, no rules nothing. If you are wiling to take calculated risks then I am sure you can make money.

Randomness rules the Stock Market.


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