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The Best Strawberry

I read the following story from a site. It was really worth mentioning in my site. Enjoy it.

The story is about a Zen student who is running from a tiger in the forest.

The tiger is catching up to him, and the only way out is to jump over a cliff that leads to certain death on the rocks below.

With no real options, the Zen student jumps over the cliff, and just manages to grab on to a branch halfway down.

Beside the branch is a bush of wild strawberries, and the student reaches over with one free hand and takes one.

With the tiger above him and certain death on the rocks below him, he slowly eats the strawberry.

And as he does, he thinks, “This is the best strawberry I have ever tasted.”


Don’t Wait for D-Day

Have you been waiting for long to start something? Do you keep postponing things? Are you just wondering how others are progressing and you are still far behind? What is that you are waiting for? What is stopping you to start? What is it so important that you have not figured it out to start it? Most of us are just waiting for the D-Day.

D-Day is a term often used in military parlance to denote the day on which a combat attack or operation is to be initiated. We can really do whatever we want to do but still we don’t. I have seen many friends of mine interested in investing and getting into the stock market but they don’t really get into it because of the fear. Nothing really stops them from getting into stock market. Continue reading


Bank Goes Bankrupt

Have you ever thought about what would happen if the bank goes bankrupt? Is the money insured with the bank? Who will repay back your amount? Will they pay back the entire amount? If so whether will they pay the entire amount or in parts? What if they don’t pay back any amount? What should I do?

These questions were constantly on my mind after seeing the financial situation of the US Markets. Major financial institutions are crashing and it is creating ripples worldwide as many countries depend directly or indirectly on the US Markets. We all trust that Bank will safeguard our money and deposit the money with them and if they don’t take care of it then what should happen to the trust and the money? This is really going to be a difficult situation to handle. People will start losing trust and take out the money from bank and start piling them up at home. If such a situation happens then the liquidity decreases considerably and there will be very less money that will be floating around. Continue reading


Financial Goal – 3nd Week

Share market was really very scary this week. I did not know what to do. It was falling around the world and I was little scared about investing and I did not invest this week much. I tried to take the money out as soon as possible and I made a profit of Rs. 300 this week.

I hope I continue the profit streak as much as possible.

As of now, I have made Rs. 500 in three weeks. It is a good start for me.


Bank Statement

Have you checked your bank statement recently? When was the last time did you see your bank statement? Did you notice anything strange? Do you have a savings or current account? Any idea of how much is the interest earned by the savings that you have in your account?

If you don’t check your bank statements regularly then I guess it is very hard for you to track your financial status. There are chances that bank might charge you unnecessarily. You might be wondering that you need bank to safe guard your money but the truth bank needs customers and not the other way around. If you decide to safe guard your money then I think bank is not necessary at all. Continue reading

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