Buy Stuff that you can afford

Generally we have a tendency to buy stuff that we are impressed with. We don’t really think much about the expenses that can incur due to our purchases. I never used to think much about the expenses that were burning a hole in my pocket. If I liked something I used to just buy it and then go on a spending spree buying the accessories for the stuff that I just bought. I have done like that for many such electronic gadgets. I never thought about the accessories when I used to buy the gadgets but in reality I have spent considerable amount on accessories.

Is it really worth spending so much for gadgets? I guess the answer depends on the individual. It is more of a choice. When we plan to buy a gadget consider the accessories as well since one day or the other I am sure we will land up in buying the same. So plan properly and think over whether the expenses incurred are really worth the penny that you are going to pour on it.

It is good not to buy stuff just by the impulse. I have bought much stuff by impulse without thinking and I do feel bad about it but I don’t crib about it. I can’t keep worrying about the past hence I prefer not repeating it. When I feel like buying stuff, I try to postpone the buying for a later date. If I still have the urge to buy it then only I buy it else I forfeit it.

Don’t buy stuff on Credit Card if you don’t have enough money with you to pay the bill without interest being charged. It does not make any sense any time. Try to buy stuff with cash. When you buy stuff just think of the ways you have earned your money and how you are spending it. It is worthwhile. I have done that and it worked for me. I just think at times, whether this stuff is really worth the hard work that I put in? If I get NO as the answer then I make sure I don’t buy such stuff.

Just think over before you spend your hard earned money.


2 thoughts on “Buy Stuff that you can afford

  1. Salil says:

    Yes, it is important to think about TCO or ‘total cost of ownership’ including all allied expenses before investing in something.
    Also it is worthwhile to consider whether the item falls into ‘need’ or ‘want’.

  2. Saravanan says:

    Yes Salil, that is what I wanted to convey. In MHO most of the items fall in the ‘Want’ category and not ‘Need’.

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