Obama Vs McCain

Today the world knows the next U.S. President, its Barack Obama. I was not so very keen on following the US elections amidst the global financial meltdown. It was not of great interest to me. Today I happen to see the acceptance speech by Obama and the McCain’s final word of thanks to the supporters. Boy, this is what I love to see in India. I wish to see such an episode in my life happening in Indian Soil before I breathe my last.

Barack Obama wins the election and gives respect for the fellow American who was his opponent. Wow!!! Isn’t that wonderful? I loved it. I have not seen once also in Indian political arena such a thing. I have seen people take names and play games but not once like this. I was stunned seeing it. I don’t have words to express myself about the whole episode. It was such a kind gesture.

John McCain loses the election and still gives respect for Obama though his supporters don’t approve it. He tells them that it is the decision of the US people and he approves the same. Wow!! That was simply the best statement I ever heard. He says Barack is now my President and I will support him in whatever capacity I can. He says to the supporters gathered, “the failure is mine, not yours”. That was really moving. I have not seen people accepting their failure such graciously. Hats off to John McCain.

Over here in India, people will be just waiting to pull each other down, where as in US, the nation comes first and the rest later. I was wondering whether will I see such a thing in india where two big giants like Sonia Gandhi and Lal Krishna Advani speak so high of each other and vow to support each other in order to uplift my beloved motherland. I know I am dreaming and I am sure some day it might happen.

I know that even in US back biting happens and leaders might not be all that good. What I like is they are being honest with what they say. McCain says he is upset being on the losing side and congratulates Obama for winning. I don’t know how many can even acknowledge it. I think John and Barack both candidates deserved to win, John was not the right candidate for this year because of Mr. Bush who ensured that Republicans don’t win and it happened. They both speak well. I really don’t know what their intension’s are and how they will shape the US history in the future.

Both their speeches were just wonderful. Here are the link for the same. I think you ought to watch it.

Barack Obama’s Speech:


John McCain’s Speech:



7 thoughts on “Obama Vs McCain

  1. Tess says:

    interesting point there. Whether the appreciation is genuine or not, its vocalisation certainly leaves a better taste in the mouth than the kind of crap indian politicians spew when they lose.

    Another thing I’ve really admired is the way Americans can laugh at their own presidents without everyone makes a big deal about it , and questioning people’s patriotism ( whatever that word means today!)

  2. Saravanan says:

    Yeah you are right, even if the appreciation is not genuine, you ought have the courage to speak it out.

    Americans can laugh at their own stupidity. We prefer not to speak about it.

  3. Ritesh says:


    I saw Obama’s victory speech on youtube a couple of times. It had more than 850,000 views in less than 12 hrs ! He is a great speaker and looks a born-leader. Obviously, his work has just begun, so we will see how he handels the crises. Very impressive speech. I also liked the way he thanks McCain. Very respectful ! Finally, the way he told his daughters that they have earned a puppy that is coming to the white house with them – that was just too cute ! Even the president knows how to balance work and family life 🙂


  4. Anantha says:


    Another thing I appreciate about McCain is he never ever (AFAIK) pointed out Obama’s middle name and used it to pull him down, which is Hussein!! (I believe his father is a Kenyan Muslim).

    I liked it..

  5. Saravanan says:

    Yeah you are right Ritesh. It was really an amazing speech delivered by Obama. He is a great Orator and McCain is no less. They both spoke well. I am not taking sides as it does not matter much to me. Yeah when he said about puppy it was damn cute. When he mentioned about his wife and kids it was very cute. I liked it. Not many people do that in India.

    You are right Ananth. McCain has not used Obama’s middle name to pull him down. Barack Obama’s father is not Kenyan Muslim. He was a Kenyan and his mom re-married an Indonesian, who was a Muslim and that is how Obama got his Muslim middle name. If you had noticed McCain even talks about Obama’s granny, which was really very sweet of him. I did not know that he would speak of her.

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  7. Saravanan says:

    @how-to-save-money : Glad you found the information.

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