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I have not provided much information regarding ETF which is Exchange Traded Funds. I will write more about it in the future articles. As you are aware because of the inflation the investments are just eroded. In such a scenario, most of the investment options seem to be very scary. In reality there are very few options to the investor which can ward off the negative impact of the inflation. Continue reading

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TATA Sons and their Business

TATA Sons are the biggest business barons in India. But they are not in the list of Forbes billionaires list. I am surprised about this finding of mine. I was looking into the Forbes Billionaires list the other day and the best of business barons were in the list. Most of them made piles of money with their Technology business and rest of them inherited. TATA is the biggest brand and most trusted brand in India. They were into business from a very long time. Continue reading


Speculation is not good for Investors

Investing in stock market is not like betting. The investors should try to avoid speculating on the news about companies that they are trading in. It is not a good practice to move in and move out every time there is some news or rumors about the company. I know many people who keep trading and call them investors.  I call traders, those people who continually indulge in short selling and deal in options and futures. These traders are not investors; they are purely gamblers as you see in many betting houses and casinos around the world. These traders like most gamblers lose eventually or frequently. Continue reading

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Investment should beat Inflation

I never had any idea about inflation until recently. The prices of commodities started reaching north in a stupendous fashion and I was left with no choice other than to live with it. Inflation is nothing but the percentage fall of your money/buying power i.e. today I can buy for Rs. 10 a loaf of bread and in a week’s time with the same amount of money Rs. 10 I can buy just half the loaf of bread. Here inflation is 50% i.e. the value of money has fallen by 50%. Continue reading

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