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Beginner Series: How to Choose a Stock?

I have had this question many a times when I get to invest in the stock market. There are so many companies listed in the stock market and which one should I be picking up? I am sure most of you would have a similar question. How I did go about finding the right stock is just random. I did not know how to value a stock or how to analyze the stock. The very first stock that I picked was just random. I just thought of searching a company with starting letter’ S’ and I wanted that company to be a FMCG one. That is it. No other rules.  🙂 Continue reading

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Beginner Series – Learn the interface

In the previous article in the series, I have mentioned about how to go about opening a trading account. There are various broker houses and selecting one is always a troublesome option. Choose a broker according to your convenience. This is most important step. Ensure that you get good service from them. Ask as many people as possible before deciding on one. It is good to seek the expert’s opinion. There are many forums, blogs and other source of information that might be handy for you. Do your research. I wanted to provide these links and one of the readers suggested I should not be doing that. I don’t know whether it is a good piece of suggestion or not but I thought I will stick with it. Continue reading

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Beginner Series – First Step towards investing

I have decided to help the beginners with the little knowledge that I have acquired. From now on, I will write one article per week that will be exclusively for the beginner who wants to invest in stock market for investing purposes and not trading. There is considerable difference. Trader buys stock and sells them at a better price where as an investor buys stock keeps it till its real value is met and he sells it. The time period is what that has to be noticed in here. Continue reading

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