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Mouna Ragam

This is one of my favorite movies. The movie is directed by Mani Ratnam. The movie revolves around a husband and a wife. It is such a piece of art. I think the narration is what makes Mani a good director. The story is very simple. It is a story about a husband who is much different from the rest of the guys and how he wins over his wife.

In Indian culture, a husband is a guy who has got all the control over his wife and he can do what he pleases in the relationship. This is what the situation was and to certain extent is in India. This movie was released in the year 1986 and during that time if someone had thought like this makes me feel so happy about such a kind person. Continue reading


A Wednesday

I saw this movie yesterday along with my pal. It was really very good movie. I liked it a lot. I just wanted to share with you some of the details of the movie. I was really very happy seeing it. The movie just hits hard on your head and it is amazing piece. I think this movie should make it to OSCAR next year from India. I would love to vote for it.

The movie has two stalwarts namely Naseeruddin Shah and Anupam Kher. The theme of the movie is terrorism and aam aadmi (common man). The story is told in a gripping fashion. I love the way director has narrated the story. This movie actually makes you think. The dialogues are pretty good and the other actors have done their part really well. The cast and crew are perfect as far as I know. There are minor flaws here and there but that should not bother anyone. I think that many won’t even notice such minor details. Continue reading


Movie Review – Rock On!!!

I watched Rock On today. Here are my views about the movie.

Rock on is Dil Chahta Hai – Part 2. Again there are four friends, rifts between them separates the four and they unite, just like DCH where there are three friends rifts separates them and at last the three end up together. 🙂

Rock On starts with a bang… Nice loud music from the start. The music was pretty descent through out the movie. Thanks to Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy. I loved the way the story is told. It is kinda Jig-Saw puzzle. Everything fits in as and when the story moves on. Lovely narration, kudos to the director. I don’t remember any movie with similar story telling. (I know I have a bad memory, sorry if i missed something..).
Continue reading


Will I buy a iPhone?

Most of the people are willing to buy the iPhone. There is nothing wrong or right about it. It is more of a status symbol than just a phone. The engineers with loads of money just wanna show off flashing their iPhone, that’s it.

Let me get into Technical stuff now. It is not to discourage you from buying the iPhone but providing you the details as it is.

1. As of now, there is no support for 3G in India and I am sure most of them are aware of it. Now what is the point in getting a iPhone which supports 3G?

2. No AD2P on the bluetooth.

A2DP technology is a new music revolution allowing you to send CD quality stereo music from one device to another without wires. A2DP is stereo music sent over Bluetooth without the hassle of plugging cables. Bluetooth Wireless Technology with A2DP technology makes mobile phones, pda’s and computers capable of streaming music directly to products such as the X5 Stereo Headset or the Sonic Portable Speakers.

The Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) is just one of the modes available for Bluetooth technology.

3. No sharing of files between phones. (Very sad)

4. No video recording. (Why on earth have a camera then!!)

5. No flash and Java support.

6. No MMS. (What is Apple thinking??)

7. Can’t use the 8GB or 16GB of space in the phone as an external storage media. (Why give so much storage in the first place then?? eh?)

8. Buy stuff from iStore. (Apple this is the biggest mistake, come on, you are in India and I am certain people are not ready to buy anything that comes in for a less price and also when we can get pirate stuff, why to pay for it in the first place eh?)

9. Only one sim per phone. (Give me a break, this is heights. If my sister or brother wants to use, he can’t change the sim. Absolutely bad :(.. How can you think Indians will approve all this eh?)

10. Services – If something goes wrong, (come on it might be a jesus phone but it is afterall a phone, things might go wrong) then you have to give it to only Apple Store and get it fixed. They will charge you dearly.

My Verdict : I won’t buy the phone. It might have great User Interface, sleek and stylish look but after two three months these features won’t still be great for me. I would like to change carriers or share music or files and all that. I am sure Jesus phone won’t allow me to do all that. Then why to pay heavily (22K or so, not sure!!) and later crib about it.


Nokia taking over Symbian

I always thought that Nokia had interests in Symbian. Not a single soul would have predicted the Nokia’s smartest move in the decade i.e. Acquiring Symbian and making it OPEN. This is an open challenge to all the Mobile OS Companies to face the GIANT NOKIA. This may not be a very bad move for the OEMs because they all will be benefited with this path breaking move.

I always feel that No one does anything without self interests not even charity. People do charity to please themselves. There has to be some motives for Nokia to make such a drastic move. I am sure many would agree with this. But still not many ponder about it, since it does not fetch anything to them until unless you are an analyst. So basically everything happens with a motive. I love blogging hence this entry in my BLOG(my motive).

So why does Nokia acquire Symbian and make it free? How can one share the goodies with the competitors? (I believe in Live and Let Live) This is a ridiculous move then to most of them, since Nokia is wasting money on acquiring Symbian and losing money on licenses of S60 UI.
Still Nokia says it is going to do what it intends to do. There has to be something.

What I feel is this.
Nokia realized that being the world leader in the Smart phones and Mobile phones is not that big a deal since the margins in phone manufacturing is becoming drastically less day by day. So what better ways are there to ensure they can sustain in market and lead the pack? It is content and only content can be the next hottest happening thing in the mobile world and Nokia does not want to be left out. It has decided to hit the nail right on the head and I think it is perfectly a great move.

Wondering how this might happen?
First thing since mobile world has different flavors of OS, a need for unifying the OS platform and UI was needed. Nokia acquired Symbian and convinced Sony Ericsson and Motorola to provide the UIQ and NTT Docomo to provide the MOAP. Now we have one tested OS and three great UIs. Nokia achieved the Unification. If a developer develops an app to a smart phone he had to do either a native symbian app or two different versions to get S60 and UIQ customers, Third party developers can’t develop MOAP applications. Since MOAP is locked with NTT Docomo.
The situation changes now, the same developer develops just one app and he gets loads of customers (S60, UIQ, MOAP). The best part is, he gets even the MOAP customers which I feel is the greatest advantage. Since I feel Japan is only the place where smart phones are used the way it has to be used. So the developer gets the best of customers and he makes huge money. This is fine, but where does Nokia come into picture? Here comes Nokia, their intension is to ensure that Symbian becomes the most widely used software in the world with one mixed UI (S60, UIQ and MOAP). All crazy applications will be developed with this great platform and since it is open source I am sure even the developers will get free tools to develop the apps and great support to them. Since great applications are present for Symbian phones, people will start buying Symbian OS related phones from various Vendors. While this is happening, Nokia will start pushing their services to their devices and all the devices that run on Converged Platform. So even if people are not buying Nokia Phones they will generate revenue since they will get customers because of the Converged Platform. Now it will become very simple for them to distribute the services and it will work like gem. Once this happens I am sure that Nokia’s cash registers will be ringing with dollars, pounds, euros and yen of course!!

I am sure you will be thinking I am just saying things with my imagination..
If so, here is my answer to you guys.. Just visit these sites.

Now why should Nokia spend so much money on these??? Does it make any sense?? For some days it was not making a great sense..

After acquiring Symbian and convincing others to provide UI’s to make a Converged Platform makes perfect sense to me. The bigger picture is that Nokia wants to become the next Microsoft or Google and if everything falls as per my prediction then trust me Nokia is THE next Big thing on earth and I am sure this can happen since Nokia is gaining ground around the world and it is one of the well known brands. And to iterate this, Nokia is enjoying the title of being THE Most Trusted Brand in India for the year 2008..

Get back tomorrow, we will get back to our life!!

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