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Being More Productive at Work

At times work can get boring. Doing the same stuff again and again can cause you to be absent minded and lethargic. This might not be intentional but it can happen. You try to become more productive and without your notice life becomes a series of to-do lists. I became addicted to this to-do list without my knowledge. My productivity has been gauged on how much I accomplish daily my list. This is not a good way to determine my productivity but that is how life has become.

Being addicted to to-do list has become the chore of work life. At times work is not something that I enjoy to do and rather becomes just a list to be over with and get back home. At times completing the list makes me happy but that does not satisfy my hunger for being productive. It is not a good sign moving forward. Continue reading


IOCL – Biggest Loss

IOCL reported a loss of Rs. 7,047 crore for Q2 2008. Last year during the same quarter it reported a profit of Rs. 3,818 crore.

How does a company like IOCL lose so much money? I thought petroleum business is the safest and people always mint money. I think I have to reconsider my views. Petrol is always referred as black gold and investing in gold does not hamper your chances of hitting the bull’s eye. Continue reading


RBI slashes CRR, SLR and Repo Rate

RBI has again slashed the Cash Reserve Ratio and Statutory Liquidity Ratio by 1 percent and Repo Rate by 0.5%. RBI is taking measures in order to ensure that there is enough liquidity in the financial system. This move by RBI will add around Rs. 85,000 crore into the financial system.

RBI in the month of October has made several announcements to ensure there is much needed liquidity in the system. Around Rs. 270,000 crore has been pumped into the system. Most of the pundits feel that it is a good move but still they are not sure about this move. As you are aware that the global financial system is in mess and all the nations around the world are trying their level best to keep things afloat. None of them are certain about the outcome and all that they are doing is to ensure that the economy of their nation does not get into recession. Continue reading


Financial Goal – 8th and 9th Week

I was on a vacation hence I could not update my blog. I am back in business after a week of relaxation. 🙂

Week 8 was not a good one. Things were really bad and I did not remove the money from market and week 9 seems to be good and I checked my share’s status and found that there is nothing significant that has happened. My shares are still in red. 😦 Continue reading

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