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How to be a trader, as well as investor – Part 1

I had read this article long back and had kept it in my collections. The intension of sharing such posts is that it has helped me in some way and whatever has benefited me can be helpful to others as well. The more I share with you, the more I reap. Please feel free to share some nice information that you have to the other readers of this blog. I will attribute it to you and many thanks for the same. Just mail me with the subject line : Share with Readers .

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Psychology to seek out good deals is an intrinsic quality that cannot be taught to potential future traders. Investors need to decide, whether they are in the stock market for excitement or to make money.

CEO of Marathon Trends Atul Suri told CNBC-TV18 that successful traders used a fair amount of psychology to seek out good deals for themselves. It’s an intrinsic quality which cannot be taught to potential future traders but it does determine how much risk they may chose to take or a while striking deals. Investors need to decide, whether they are in the stock market for excitement or to make money. Continue reading


Financial Goal – Week 10

This week, I did not move my funds or change the status of the stocks. Whatever I bought couple of weeks back have been stuck with me and I really don’t know whether to sell them or hold on to them. Things look bleak. I think I am not hitting something right. I am making mistakes and I know that very well. Hope I get things back to place. I don’t wish to lose my principal amount anytime during the game. Even if I don’t win it is fine, but I don’t wish to lose the game.


Obama Vs McCain

Today the world knows the next U.S. President, its Barack Obama. I was not so very keen on following the US elections amidst the global financial meltdown. It was not of great interest to me. Today I happen to see the acceptance speech by Obama and the McCain’s final word of thanks to the supporters. Boy, this is what I love to see in India. I wish to see such an episode in my life happening in Indian Soil before I breathe my last.

Barack Obama wins the election and gives respect for the fellow American who was his opponent. Wow!!! Isn’t that wonderful? I loved it. I have not seen once also in Indian political arena such a thing. I have seen people take names and play games but not once like this. I was stunned seeing it. I don’t have words to express myself about the whole episode. It was such a kind gesture. Continue reading


Buy Stuff that you can afford

Generally we have a tendency to buy stuff that we are impressed with. We don’t really think much about the expenses that can incur due to our purchases. I never used to think much about the expenses that were burning a hole in my pocket. If I liked something I used to just buy it and then go on a spending spree buying the accessories for the stuff that I just bought. I have done like that for many such electronic gadgets. I never thought about the accessories when I used to buy the gadgets but in reality I have spent considerable amount on accessories.

Is it really worth spending so much for gadgets? I guess the answer depends on the individual. It is more of a choice. When we plan to buy a gadget consider the accessories as well since one day or the other I am sure we will land up in buying the same. So plan properly and think over whether the expenses incurred are really worth the penny that you are going to pour on it. Continue reading

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